Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 simple steps for Google Transit Maps to find your BMTC bus routes and Namma Metro feeder services

Bengaluru, India: 5 simple steps for Google Transit Maps to find your BMTC bus routes and Metro feeder services

Simply follow the STEPS below from

1. Go to Google Maps link: in your GPRS enabled mobile phone or internet enabled computer:

2. On left hand side of the webpage, Select "Get Directions" and Select Public Transport for BMTC Bus, feeder services etc.Other options are Drive, Walk, Metro.

3. Type in the start point (A) and destination point (B)


  1. Type in start point (A) as "BMTC Bus depot". 

  2. Then Google Maps shows several matching options. 

  3. Select the one you want eg. Domlur or Jayanagar bus depot.  

  4. Then, Type in destination point (B) as "BIAL" or "Bangalore International Airport"

4. IMPORTANT: Once you select the starting point (A) and destination point (B), select the Day and Time of your travel.

5. You can see the suggested timing and instructions for route for public transport in Bangalore, along with a detailed map, as given below.

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Hope this is useful. Do give your valuable comments, experiences or any updates, if you find this useful. It will help other needy passengers too! Do write in.

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