Thursday, September 2, 2010

India: Science and Technology Problems to be solved

Technology Review India is now anchoring TRI Grand Challenges aimed at finding innovative technologies and solutions relevant to solving some of the most urgent challenges facing the nation.
  • Saving the FoodSolution to the impeding food crisis in the coming years through improvements in food processing technologies.
  • Solid Waste Management - Urban India is likely to face a massive waste disposal crisis in the years to come.
  • Accessible Rural Healthcare - Making rural healthcare through telemedicine affordable and accessible.
  • Smart System for Maternal Healthcare - Improve the usefulness of maternal healthcare through portable diagnostics and a smart system.
  • Efficient Solar Technologies - Adding 16,000 MW capacity will reduce PV module costs by only 20 percent. PV modules account for 50-70 percent of the cost.
  • Power-saving Conventional Systems - Increasing energy efficiency of conventional systems.
  • Clean Potable Water - How to ensure supply of quality water to all?
  • Datamining for Internal Security - Business intelligence and datamining will help in preemption
  • Smart Learning - Enhancing teacher efficiencies and monitoring learning outcomes in schools.
  • Smart Civic Administration - Municipalities find it difficult to maintain large cities, primarily due to lack of an easy mechanism to capture the pain points.
There are more pressing issues which need the attention of young enterprising scientists in India. Let this be a beginning!

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