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Toyota Corrolla Altis Diesel or Petrol? Comparison and price in India

Do you want the best in class Mileage, Safety, Comfort, Prestige, Low Maintenance, Resale value? If price of this segment can be affordable or if you can stretch, LOOK NO FURTHER than Toyota Corrolla Altis Diesel!!!

Few more reasons, why you should buy Altis Diesel:
if you travel a lot and would clearly like to save what you can on fuel, you should buy Altis Diesel; if you have always wanted a Toyota Corolla Altis but did not want to pay the fuel bills, the diesel is for you! also, read my feature on Altis and other car comparisons in this blog.
Who will not like the Corolla Altis diesel? With the focus on diesel mileage Altis diesel is not for a power hungry driver - If you are looking for a sporty racing petrol car above 100bhp, or if you dislike shifting gears too often in heavy traffic, this is not for you! Are you used to 1900 cc or 2000 cc diesels or similar petrol equivalents? Then again, Altis diesel is not for you! 

Super Mileage: Toyota claims an ARAI-certified 21.43 kpl as the mileage of the car. In the city or in mixed driving, depending on traffic conditions and gear changes, a mileage of 15-17 kmpl should be achievable.

Is 1.4 Altis Diesel version worth buying than the 1.8 Petrol version? Altis petrol is recommended for its advantages(smooth, less maintenance, more power, more driving comfort) over diesel and if you have less than approximately 12 -15 thousand kms drive per year!

Price and Toyota Ownership Experience: The Toyota Corolla Altis diesel GL (top-of-the-line) comes for Rs 14.36lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai) which is on the higher side, considering most competitors offer more in the similar price bracket when it comes to price against features. But then coming from the Toyota stable, it will no doubt be a hugely reliable product and the buyer will have a great Toyota ownership experience and after sales support. Also, the depreciation will be lower as compared to some other cars in the segment.

Diesel Engine and performance: The 1.4-litre four-cylinder D4D engine is comparitively a small positioning to power a car of this size. Altis Petrol engine is 1.8 litre. What you get is a cool diesel machine which gives you mileage figures with comfort! For a petrol driver, obviously the diesel engine is noisy!Otherwise Toyota's sophistication works wonders as it just idles silently under the hood.

The engine is 1364cc and makes 88.4 PS @ 3800rpm and has 205 Nm of torque under its belt between 1800rpm – 2800rpm. Variable Nozzle Turbo and Intercooler helps pump up the power – and the performance of the 1.4 liter engine is clearly better than what you would expect. This very engine also powers the Toyota Yaris in europe. Toyota has tuned the 1.4 D4D to perform better than you would expect, and while on the move, it performs very well indeed. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission with very well thought-out ratios to ride the almost straight torque curve from gear to gear.The new six speed transmission offers slick gear shifts.

With inputs from test drives and other site references, from a standing start, 100 kmph comes up in around 15 seconds.Once on the move, the Corolla Altis diesel is very stable. As you touch 2000 rpm, the turbo takes over and life gets a lot better for the driver. The torque output is linear, and once on the highways, you will easily marvel at the smooth performance not to mention fuel efficiency.

Ride and handling: The Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel comes with the same suspension system as its petrol sibling which is McPherson struts in the front (It is also the most common system used on Japanese cars) and torsion beam at its rear. However the front suspension is stiffer as the diesel Corolla Altis is 55kgs heavier than it's petrol sibling.The Corolla Altis Diesel is more of a family car or a chauffeur-driven vehicle than an outright boy-racer.The Altis has a composed ride at low and high speeds and ploughs through potholes with just a muted thud.

Other cars to compare: The Corolla Altis has been feeling some competition from rivals such as the Chevrolet Cruze and the Skoda Laura with its cousin the VW Jetta, and their diesel engines were seriously tempting for those who had their minds set on diesel sedans. However Skoda Laura/Octavia and Volkswagen Jetta fails miserably on aftersales service , service delays, service reach and total ownership experience with a horrible resale value! Needless to say GM Chevrolet Cruze doesnot fare anywhere on resale value or ownership experience! Honda doesnot have any diesel competition yet. Verdict: You have a total winner in Toyota Corrolla Altis Diesel, with its best in class Mileage, Safety, Comfort, Prestige, Low Maintenance, Resale value which explains its hot selling status!

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