Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jayanagar 4th block TTMC - first park and ride facility from BMTC in Bangalore

Jayanagar 4th block in Bangalore has a TTMC (Traffic and Transit Management Centre) built at a cost of Rs.12.9 crore.This was inaugurated in august 2010 by Chief Minister BS Yeddiyurappa.

The idea of the TTMC, was to get people to park their vehicles here and travel around the city by public transport. This is equivalent to the concept of P+R (Park and Ride) stations close to metro stations in europe.

In Jayanagar TTMC, however parking is easier said than done. The parking lot here can accomodate 60 cars and 150 two wheelers - is located on the roof of the building and people are currently reluctant to use it because BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport corporation) which owns TTMC has not provided lifts yet.

The cost of parking at the Jayanagar TTMC is Rs.8 for a minimum of two hours for two-wheelers and Rs.10 for four wheelers.

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