Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to store opened wine bottle? in fridge? with traditional corks or with screw caps to avoid spoilage?

Should I finish the whole bottle once it is opened?

The latest world wide trend, is screw caps on wine bottles.(Please note that earlier, screw caps were associated with cheap wines, which is not the case now. Change in perception is occuring based on scientific research)

Studies have indicated that there is much less spoilage with screw caps than traditional corks. Once you oprn a screw capped wine bottle, you can empty left over wine into a well washed small glass bottle with a tight screw cap leaving no gap for any air. The wine generally last a week or so like this in a fridge.

With a traditional cork bottle, you will have to consume the wine very quickly after opening.
Glass cork fillers are available, but in my usage and experience, not so effective to keep in room temparature.

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