Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fire Emergency: what you should do? Remember the carlton centre fire tragedy in Bangalore

In case of Fire, what You should do?

  • Stay Calm

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a wet, clean cloth to prevent smoke inhalation injury and choking

  • In case of burns, cover the injury to prevent infections

  • Consume fluids as burns can lead to dehydration

  • Get used to the Fire Exits in your buildings, apartments

  • Move towards the exit slowly, as you inhale smoke faster when you run

  • Help people along. Keep a head count to ensure that nobody is left behind during emergency

what You should Not do?

  • Never jump off from heights. The sort of trampolines needed to jump off tall buildings maynot be available. It is never an option as it will mean certain death. It is better to remain calm and wait for the rescuers

  • Never attempt to climb down the side of a tall building. You are not trained for it

  • Use the lift as the power will be turned off or could fail anytime

what the building maintenance / owners association should do?

  • Planning mock drill at regular intervals to create awareness on procedures to be followed in times of an evacuation

  • Constantly updating fire safety equipment to include advanced gadgets

  • Installing glow signs and painting arrows on exit doors to guide people out of the building during emergency

  • Inviting experts to conduct workshops on fire fighting and evacuation of occupants

  • Upgrading maintenance of facilities

  • Never allow illegal constructions which block fire exits and inspect regularly to keep the stairways uncluttered

  • Provide oxygen masks in higher floors to help people with respiratory issues, incase of a fire

Have a safe stay!

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