Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best bluetooth headset. Radiation? Noise cancellation? Speech quality! Check this!

For a long time, I was researching to buy a bluetooth headset. Heard many horror stories of ear pain, reduced speech and audio quality, easily loosing the headsets. Invariably I saw everybody dumps the headset usage after initial enthusiasm and would use it rarely for long drives! Why? Any good headsets which addresses these issues? I decided to pilot my friend's jawbone bluetooth headset after using headsets from sony ericsson, plantronics, nokia and jabra.

The Jawbone Icon or Jawbone Prime ( classy, stylish, safe , noise reduction and excellent voice quality. No ear pains, as it comes with adjustable and very comfortable ear holders and so no chance to loose it as well. It is very important to see the manual and first understand where the button locations are, due to the very sleek and stylish design.

My favourite model and what I strongly recommend Jawbone, based on my piloting experience and  research  on price and usage experience of other headset models.

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