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Ulm, Germany - Tourism, Shopping, Weekend trips or local getaways to nearby places

"In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum" (In Ulm, around Ulm and round about Ulm) - as the German tongue-twister suggests, the area around Ulm provides technically rich experience for you.Moreover, Ulm is a very safe place for travellers.

Tourist Information for Ulm
In medieval times the old imperial city on the Danube was a major trading centre. Today, Ulm is the cultural, business and shopping centre of the surrounding region. The cathedral overlooking the Old Town is the biggest Gothic church in Germany after Cologne Cathedral. The view from the spire is wonderful – in clear weather you can see all the way to the Alps. On the opposite bank of the Danube stands Ulm’s sister city Neu-Ulm, an attractive young Bavarian county town.

Ulm and Neu-Ulm lie in the middle of southern Germany on the autobahns A7 (Würzburg-Kempten) and A8 (Stuttgart-Munich). ICE, EC and IC rail services. Airports: Stuttgart 80km, Augsburg 80km, Munich 135km.

The Einstein fountain by sculptor Max Bill, commemorating Albert Einstein’s birthplace. Wonderful view of the Alps from the cathedral spire. Cruises on the Danube, sightseeing tours in the city with an evening stroll through the Old Town.

Shopping centres
  • Muenster main street near to Hauptbahnof (main railway station)
  • Blautal centre (bus number 8, 38)
  • Kaufland (best retail shop for the widest selection and most reasonable rates for branded items in germany) be it wines, spirits, chocolates, ferrero raffaloes,...!!!
Souvenirs to buy in Ulm
  • Ulmer sparrow
  • Berblinger
Tourist attractions: What to do in Ulm?
  • Muenster Church
  • Significant work of art
  • Architecture - Gothic
  • Christian sites
  •  Scenic site or route
  • Towers, monuments, observation deck
  • Fishermen's Quarter
  • Beautiful walk and ethnics restuarants
  • Region, quarter of a major city
  • Nautical museum or attraction
  • Gunzburg (Günzburg)
  • Castle, chateau, palace
  • Christian sites
  • Architecture - Renaissance
  • Bread Museum (Deutsches Brotmuseum)
  • Culinary attraction
  • Museum
  • Paintings, art collections
  • Neu-Ulm
  •   Significant work of art
  •   Garden or botanic display
  •   Nautical museum or attraction
  •   Scenic site or route
  •   Small town or village
  • Edwin-Scharff-Haus
  •   Convention, exhibition center
  •   Paintings, art collections
  •   Musical activity or concert hall
  •   Nautical museum or attraction
  • Local Museum (Heimatmuseum)
  • Historical museum
  • Oberelchingen
  • Christian sites
  • Small town or village
  • Town Hall
  • Significant work of art
  • Government or institution building
  • Standalone sculpture, statue or fountain
  • Town Walls
  • Town walls, fortifications, gates
  • Towers, monuments, observation deck
  • Wiblingen - Monastery
  • Significant work of art
  • Library
  • Christian sites
  • Architecture - Baroque or Rococo
  • Standalone sculpture, statue or fountain
Weekend trips or local getaways from Ulm
  • Lindau
  • Triberg
  • Freiburg
  • Unter-Uldingen
  • Fredrichshaffen
  • Legoland 
  • Bodensee
  • Augsburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Stuttgart
  • Munich - Zugspitze, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, ... see Munich information
  • Altotting
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Salzburg
  • Austria
  • Legoland® Deutschland
    Legoland® Deutschland is the only park of its kind in Germany. It offers a fabulous choice of rides and models made from over 50 million pieces of Lego. These replica scenes are miniature works of art that capture the imagination and fascinate visitors of all ages. Visitors are also passionate about the park's many rides - from rollercoasters to wildwater rides, Legoland® Deutschland has them all.
  • Swabian Alb
    The Swabian Alb has magnificent scenery and lots of romantic towns for visitors to enjoy. Whether you prefer to explore the area on foot, on horseback or by road, you'll always be delighted by its scenic charm and diversity.
  • Upper Swabian Baroque Route
    This is a tourist route offering a fascinating blend of nature and culture - the perfect way to admire the splendours of nature and the art of the baroque period. On this 500-kilometre route between the Danube and Lake Constance you can visit churches, abbeys, castles and palaces and discover their history.
Public Transportation


From Hauptbahnof (main central railway station), take bus number 5(18 minutes) or 3 (recommended, as it is 10 minutes) to "Wissenschaftstadt ". And get down at "Universitat West"Then, it takes 10 minutes walk through a beautiful narrow lane through the woods. Alternatively you could wait for bus number 3 with board display "Science Park II". 
If you are in University campus, if possible, visit also the "ENERGON" building. You could go at lunch time and have lunch from its canteen.
    Albert Einstein and Ulm
     Germany tourism
     Happy visit and journey! 

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