Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Truth about fresh 'Broiler Chicken' and its after effects!

Commercial or broiler chicken are mass produced in poultry farms and fed with synthetic vitamins, appetite stimulants, hormones and antibiotics for accelerated growth and problems and diseases are masked by chemicals and drug additives. Steroid hormones in food - treated meat or poultry - were suspected to cause early puberty in teenagers in some reports.

Commercial chicken are transported in overcrowded trucks and stored in unhealthy conditions.An interesting fact is that 'previously frozen birds' are legally called "Fresh"!

Comparitively, home grown chicken are vigorous, healthy, disease resistant birds which live in natural surroundings. It is tasty but hard meat and might be more expensive.Still, 'home grown chicken' is anytime more healthy and an eco friendly choice for you.

Tip: whenever possible, insist on 'home grown chickens' for curry recipes at home!

On a lighter note: Recently a chinese vendor claimed that he sells "virgin" chicken only to see his sales steadily increasing till date!

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