Monday, January 25, 2010

Toyota Fortuner - reasonably priced all new sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Toyota.SUV of the year 2009 - 2010.

Toyota fortuner diesel SUV is launched in India after much long wait for SUV enthusiasts, with a very reasonable price tag of 18-20 lakh plus upwards.The best available in its class at this price range in India now!

When luxury matches the force of the throttle, and ruggedness has a touch of cutting-edge technology, power gains a whole new artistic expression. Redefine the very way you move with the art of power, writes Toyota in it website: .World over, in ratings and  rankings, Toyota comes in top 5 and Honda in top 15, if I remember right, in a review last year.Anyway, in India, Honda had a little edge over Toyota, as in my opinion, I like the superb styling and made for owner-driver cars of Honda. However, Toyota with its reliable and pragmatic cars for India, has recently overtaken Honda in sales, as per the recently announced sales figures and the Fortuner will take this further.

Also see the performance, feature specifications and engine details here: toyota fortuner - Performance.

  • Reasonably priced SUV from Toyota, a company which rolls out Landcruiser(80lakhs), Prado(45lakhs)...
  • The best in class SUV now at this price range
  • Excellent quality of interiors and seat leather
  • All the 3 rows have recline adjustable seats
  • Stunning looks
  • Overall Excellent Quality Build
  • Powerful diesel and good mileage in comparison at this range
  • Phenomenal Torque delivery as you rarely need to downshift in normal driving conditions.
  • Useful and spacious interiors
    Excellent after-sales service
  • Toyota's long term reliability and resale value
  • Rear disc brakes not available
  • Extra comforts like power seats + lumbar support adjust, USB / AUX jack etc. are not available
  • Long wait periods exists due to the popularity, even long after the launch period.
  • A 7 seater, but could seat comfortably 6
  • Utility vehicle rather than luxurious. Actually you get that Innova feeling, ONLY when you look closely.No wonder as it is based on the same platform!
Verdict: The Fortuner is already a big hit and every other SUV aficionado wants to own and drive this!


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