Monday, January 4, 2010

Toyota Corrolla Altis Test drive and Review

Toyota Corrolla is the world's largest selling car, as the company claims in its advertisements.

Due to the different positioning and luxury strings attached in different world markets, it makes different impressions to you, as the model you would have seen or experienced. In some places, it is positioned as entry level midsize stripped of any luxury features and interiors. And in some places fitted with commentable interiors and features, as a luxury midsize sedan. During my research, I had driven and seen lots of Corrola Altis as a popular and conventional beauty in Europe, China, Singapore and India.

When I bought the new Corrolla Altis in India, almost soon after its launch in late 2008, the numbers were yet to pickup on the streets. Now I see so many a day on the road in Bangalore, India.

The Altis is a massive improvement over the old Corolla as far as looks, interiors and comfort features are concerned.

  • Stylish and beautiful looks - conventional though
  • Overall build quality and finish
  • Comfortable drive and very comfortable driver seat positions
  • Sturdy and reliable even in very high speeds.
  • Ground clearance - best in it class
  • Beautiful and ergonomic interiors - best in its class
  • All disc brakes and safety features
  • Toyota Brand Name, Spares, Service and Reliability 
  • Good fuel economy for this class
  • Fuel economy and usefully appealing meters
  • Smooth gear transmission, though gear change could have more short and sporty
  • Pleasure to drive
  • Great service and low maintenance cost, in its class
  • Excellent Resale Value, even after years
  • no side air bags
  • 4 speed AT(instead of a nice to have 5 speed AT)
  • Lack of Parking sensor as standard equipment
Tips and Notes:
  1. See the CNG version of Corrolla Altis:  Toyota Altis CNG
  2. Corrolla Altis 2010 features and specifications
  3. Bangalore's best Toyota service centre: People say from experience it is Nandi Toyota. Heard some complaints about Ravindu on service, from friends. For this reason, I decided to buy from Nandi, though many ofmy friends got better deals and freebies from Ravindu. My frank advice is when you buy, you could simply go and buy from Nandi or Ravindu, depending on who gives you the best deal. However, it would be wise to stick with Nandi for service!
Other interesting cars, available at comparable price:
Before you make a buying decision, testdrive these interesting cars, available at similar price:
  • Honda Civic (recommended testdrive)
  • GM Cruze Diesel (avoid)
  • Toyota Innova 2.5 V with ABS (recommended testdrive- different class altogether, but people do consider it) 
Verdict: Excellent Buy, if you look for a comfortable and reliable family car, with feel good interiors, good ground clearance for practical driving in Indian roads laden with humps and gutters, a car with great service, low maintenance cost, good fuel economy in its class and a good resale.

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