Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top tips to get preferred school admission for your child

You have researched and found a suitable school for your child's abilities and now how to ensure admission for your child? Few guidance and tips from experience for successful admissions for self, colleagues and friends:

1. Ensure that your preferred school is not by hearsay but well researched.Look for schools with focus on education, facilities to nurture talent, good and experienced teachers, effective administration and well paid staff.

2. Getting a right and reputed playschool close to the preferred school matters a lot. Check the effectiveness by verifying the list of playschool's alumni who got admission into your preferred school.Do get this school's certificate and seal.And submit this along with your application form.

3. In case of school transfer, get a good school leaving certificate and reference from current school. It will also help  you to seek readmission there later if needed.

4. Attach a good photograph of your child, even if not asked for in the application form.

5.Find a best way to mention if your child's sibling or close relatives are alumni or studying or working or associated with the school. Also, do mention the academic background and designation of parents in the application form. 

6.Staying very close to the preferred school and mentioning that address in application form matters a lot.Also let the powerful 'receptionist' know about it. If your house is far, consider moving to a rented facility very close to the school.This would help your children anyway!

7. Do personally visit the school several times, enquiring and keeping a watch on admission procedures and dates.Also this will help to get your face familiar to the receptionist, who in many schools would have key roles.

8. Do take an appointment and see the principal personally with the children and parents together. Appriase of your situation and check for any vacancies and possibilities for admission. 

9. In some schools, where so many people throng the school, principal and the receptionist for admissions, they might come across sometimes rude to you! Never mind - be prepared and aware of the same! :)

10. Talk to the school going children's parents and find out what extra things would help you. Go in the morning time to school, where parents comes to drop their children or when they come and wait to pickup their children. This will give you information on any entrance examinations, interviews, contacts and other essential information needed for the admission.

Good luck!

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