Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mobile phones of 2015 : Flexible, self cleaning, advanced motion recognition - based on nanotechnology

Nokia has filed a patent application with the US Patent Office for a flexible mobile phone with motion recognition technology.

A patent application entitled user interface, device and method for a physically flexible device talks about the possibility of bending a handset into various shapes such as a shape of can, bowl or a roof for triggering shortcuts. Nokia has introduced a further modifier in the shape of motion-recognition, writes telecompaper.Alternatively the handset could assign different modifiers to different corners being bent initially, or indeed the position, angle, speed or sharpness of the bend. The point at which the phone is bent could be used to select on-screen graphics rather than requiring a traditional touch-screen.

In Feb 25,2008, Nokia Research Center(NRC), in cooperation with Cambridge Nanoscience Centre in Great Britain, has developed and unveiled the Morph mobile phone concept of the future, which is based on nanotechnology.The mobile phone of the future will be flexible, transparent and self-cleaning. It will also act as a solar cell and give information about air pollution.(Photo: Nokia Oyj).See the morph concept videonokia - morph concept - flexible phone

The concept introduces revolutionary steps in developing a generation of mobile devices that will create totally new methods of wireless communication. According to the vision, a mobile phone will be made of flexible and transparent electronics that will make it possible to stretch a device into a suitable form and appearance that is in accordance with the intended usage.

Thanks to nanotechnology the surface of the mobile phone of the future can be self-cleaning material. The surface can also operate as a solar cell that keeps the highly developed and small batteries of the telephone always charged. Moreover, the telephone could include sensors that gather information about their environment, helping users to protect themselves against pollution and harmful substances.

The Morph concept won the internationally recognized red dot award in the design concept category in Singapore in November 2008. Red dot is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, and there were more than 1,900 entries last year.

Nokia had earlier said that such technologies will be the norm by 2015.

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