Friday, January 8, 2010

Make yourself indispensable - at home, at work!

Make yourself indispensable - at home, at work!

You know that nobody is irreplaceable and the show must go on, come what may! Still in the deepest of your thoughts, you would yearn to be the most sought after person at home or at work...Many friends and colleagues have admitted to this and discussed the best ways. Shared for you :-

Make yourself indispensable at home:
  • Make yourself available to help your family members - your time & resources
  • Listen to each family member.You will get to know each one, their dreams and activities better. 
  • Support and show genuine care to family. Time, help, gifts - dont miss an opportunity!
  • Let fun and joy spreads, when you are around.Irrespective of your troubles, spread joy to others.
  • Give your loved ones a break - gift them what they cherish, babysit children, volunteer to drive,...  
  • Help family members to bond and play peacemaker at the time of need.
  • Make a reputation and earning for yourself, which will make your family proud! 

Make yourself indispensable at work:
  • Get consistent business results, which will make you, your team and organisation proud
  • Have critical skills most needed for your organisation and business - technical and behavioural.
  • Outstanding reputation and network of contacts in your organisation and with your customers.
  • Deliver results in a creative and timebound fashion with timely reporting and mitigation of risks.
  • Know what is expected of you in work;Always strive to perform and deliver above expectations.
  • Make yourself available to listen and help your team members.
  • Be trust worthy, ethical in your work practices and keep your reputation - Walk the talk! 
  • Have good humour sense and spread positive outlook and attitude
  • Show patience and tolerance to mutlicultural differences to understand people better
  • Take up relevant initiatives outside your job description, to benefit the organisation
  • Ensure worklife balance - this will make you reflect, refresh and better your results in long term!
  • When things don't go well, reflect and ready yourself to grab the best opportunities available.
  • Work towards having financial independence, in a way to help you creative in life
Note: Expect ingratitude in return for your extended favours. Easier said than done, however practising this,  will help you be happier and ensure peace of mind!Have faith in the 'circle of life' or God Almighty to reward you abundantly!

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