Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to select the right school for your child? State syllabus or ICSE or CBSE,...

Remember every child doesnot need the same care, facilities and support.So, be aware and choose your child's school, syllabus and environment accordingly.

1. Syllabus - ICSE or CBSE or IB. Rather than your strong opinions, see how suitable it will be for your child, how it helps children to fare in competitive exams in future.

2. School environment, teachers, admission procedures, kind of children/peers who study in the school, their cultural and  monetary backgrounds - all these matters in framing your children's attitude and personality.Be careful about this.

3. Talk to school going children's parents, how a typical school day goes, before you take admission.

4. Parents normally engage their children on different coaching and training classes for dance, tennis, badminton, cricket, other sports etc. This should take care, if your school does not have enough space for sports and would have their focus on academics. Check this anyway and how it suits you.

5. For any franchisee playschools, teachers and principal/franchisee pedigree and commitment should be the criteria , rather than just the chain name like eurokids, zeekids etc. Do personally visit, talk to few parents, how a typical school day goes before you take admission.

6. Incase of relocation, check more about each of the school shortlisted by you, before you come to Bangalore itself, in the net.(Use specific search in google with their name)

7. Take appointment and see the principal personally by J&R and check for any vacancies.

8. In case of transfer, get a good school leaving certificate and reference from current school, assuming you would have to seek readmission there later if needed :)

9. Parent Teacher Association(PTA) may not exist in some schools, but normally it doesnot matter if professionally run. Do check this anyway.

10. Some schools, have heavy advertisements but their school buses are not disciplined and mostly would reach school after the school starts. Be warned of such schools! Check this factor too!

11. Some other schools, as heard from parents and read from internet that they take money but generally give receipts much later. Be warned and sort this out with other parents.

12. In some schools, where so many people throng the school and receptionist for admissions, they might come across sometimes rude to you! Never mind - be prepared and aware of the same! :)

Happy go lucky! Best wishes!

Please do write in your comments and share your opinion, suggestion and useful experiences with other readers!

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