Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How long 'Google' would last?

Google knows about you! And it has each of your movements in the digital world and most of your online footprint! Does this warns you of some thing? See also, one of the articles on Google in "Technology and future Trends from Sneham.in": how-google-would-change-your-life

You need Google! And while you appreciate the kind of innovation and simplicity it brings in to change the way you live, it is becoming all encompassive and powerful day by day - to the extent of being inevitable for your daily life and being synonymous to internet! Now, it is clear that Google is on a roll and is simply loved by all! 

Google needs You too! Google keeps its code of conduct as 'Dont Be Evil' and says that  it tries to protect end user privacy as a top priority! 

How long Google would last? Already there are several instances, where government authorities across the world approaches Google for user data to prove their cases.Results were mixed and some resulted in long negotiations. As Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, says if Google compromises its data, it will loose its appeal and usefulness to its users and would loss out to competitors! Yes, we do trust him and the current code of conduct of the company.But the moment, management policies and priorities change in a fiercely competitive corporate world or some high government authorities decide that YOUR data could be misused or reviewed, end user life would definitely be affected!

So far So good! However, this would last only till:
  • Google gives away to enduser mistrust, hate communities or opensource initiative 
  • Google monopoly gets split by goverment authorities
  • Google is overtaken by some gamechanging avatars with a disruptive technology and on a new domain!
Earnestly wish that, it should be the last! Till then, you can be in a comfortable Google awe!

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