Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Google would change your life?

The future dimensions are moving out of the Google keyword search box, with their advancements in voice and image recognition research - it will open new markets for google and would be life changing for YOU!

Google's commitment to new modes of search for users:
voice, location and sight resulted from their focus on four aspects of search:  modes, media, language, and personalization. Few of their interesting initiatives listed below, with details from their site:

  • Real-time information in Google search results
  • Google Goggles - visual search
  • Location-based search in Google Maps for mobile
  • In-conversation voice translation across languages 

Real-time information in your search results
Google has added real-time results to its search results pages for desktop computers, iPhone, and Android devices.This is being made possible in part through a series of content partnerships as well.

'Google Goggles' visual search
You can submit pictures rather that keywords as queries.This is in experimental stage now and can recognise only certain objects.Google announced that they already have the capability to do facial recognition, of which implementation is delayed now due to privacy implications.

Location-based search
In a new cloud driven era, Google's location-based search will be able to provide information about whether requested products are in-stock at shops willing to share inventory data with Google.This will be a valuable service for traders.See the "
Favourite Places" initiatives at Google site with provision of QR code technology(which function similar to barcodes).

Universal translation on mobile devices
instant voice translation service could function as an interpreter for every one.

Such expanding possibilities via mobile devices, would impact heavily where you decide to eat, shop and live anywhere in the world!

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