Monday, January 11, 2010

Easy Auto: Call for an Auto at your doorstep in Bangalore

Just call +91 9844112233 any time you want an auto to commute and Easy Auto will send it to your doorstep.

These Auto rickshaws have GPS devices installed in them, and they track vehicles using highly sophisticated servers that track the satellite data from the GPS devices that is updated every 3 minutes. It is claimed that Easy Autos are safe, as their drivers are always polite and at your service.

Registered users can see the availability of auto rickshaws in the website itself when they login. Additionally, registered users can store frequently used addresses, create profiles of family etc. so that the Call center will know who the caller is and will be able to assist faster. Registering will also help for future when advanced auto booking is started and SMS could be used for auto service. More details and registration is available at Easy Auto website.

Happy and safe ride!

Note: Authorities want to make it a success story. There are revenue generating options like Advertising on Easy Autos etc. Over the last two years many brands have accepted auto rickshaws to be a viable mode of advertisement and communication for their products. Advertising in auto rickshaws is no longer shocking for the Indian brands looking at more eyeballs and consumers

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