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Best Websites for Travel, Tourism, Hotel and Transport (Car, Cruise, Rail, Flight) booking / reservation

Recommended travel planning websites are given below, on bold. Check the website and search for your destination, country or city to get accurate information and webpage. Tips:
  1. When you want to plan your tour, travel and hotel reservations use them to get an aggregated information on possibilities very easily and then shortlist the different service providers for travel, events and accomodation.
  2. Once you get the best available rates and dates, finally go and check the shortlisted service providers' individual website (airlines / hotels etc) and get the best deals and offers!
Plan your travel  - websites which helps you for overall planning
  1. Europe (available in english and major european languages. official german railway website.Hugely popular and I highly recommend this for germany and all europe train travel)
  3. (US)
  5. (luxury)
India websites
  5. akbar travels
  6. Indian railway booking official site
Hotel Reservation
  1. Mostly for american and european travellers, if you spend time to search here, it will bring your great deals. Search hotels by ratings in your city of choice, and the site turns up an impressive mix of reduced rates on rooms at luxury properties.
  2. (international. search for countries/destination)
Cheap and Best Flight portals
  2. Compare international air fares from america/US
  3. for American travellers, Farecast uses historic pricing data to help you make an educated decision about whether or not a fare is likely to fluctuate in the coming weeks 
  4. / 
  7. see also the Indian travel sites listed above.
Planning a cruise
  1. Research almost anything about 60 different cruise lines and gather advice on everything ship-related -- from buying travel insurance to using onboard slot machines.
  2. Silja lines cruises and ferries from Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States online
  3. Viking lines
Other recommended travel sites to consider:
  1. search over 200 travel websites to bring you the very best travel values on the web.
  2. Plan a trip to one of more than 90 destinations from start to finish. Along with all the basics (hotel, restaurant, and entertainment ideas), get tips on what to read before you go.
Global Calling cards and Post paid International SIM Cards
  1. A comprehensive resource with recommended vaccinations, embassy listings and crime advisories for 200+ countries, mostly culled from government websites. Warning: Site requires free registration.
Vacation with Family and Children
  1. Family beach vacations
  2. Most preferred china tour packages
Photography and Videos
  1. A compilation of on-the-ground travel videos
Food and Diet
International Clubs, City Nightlife and Party (just a listing with some top clubs and not authentic)
A nightclub (or night club or club) is a drinking, dancing and entertainment venue which does its primary business after dark. A nightclub is usually distinguished from bars, pubs or tavernsby the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded dance and pop music. The music in nightclubs is either live bands or, more commonly, a mix of songs played by a DJ through a powerful PA system. Most clubs or club nights cater to certain music genres, such as techno, house music, heavy metal, garage, hip hop, salsa, dancehall, or soca music.
  3. 10-best-night-clubs-of-the-world
  4. - top-10-worlds-nightclubs
  1. (Search for your country and city)
  2. site, widely used in germany and europe)
Currency Converter
  1. yahoo finance
  2. cnn money
  3. xe Very popular and authentic website
Car Rental, Maps and Driving directions
Travel Checklist, for peace of mind
  1. Need to register and you can refer and make your own checklist
  2. Safety at home - pay attention for security, when you publish your travel itinerary in public profiles
Its gives peace of mind and saves lots of money and time, if your travel is well researched, planned and arranged. Bookmark this webpage and Use these sites for the a happy and peaceful travel and vacation. Be relaxed and rejuvenated!

Happy Travel. Do comment and share in your reviews, comments, experiences and recommended sites!

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  1. nice information. i think jabbar travels is one of the best portal for travel tourism.


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