Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AMOLED Mobile display technology - Active-matrix OLED

Active-matrix OLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED) is a display technology for use in mobile devices such as mobile phones.

OLED describes a specific type of ultra thin, ultra bright display technology which doesn't require a backlight. 

Active-Matrix refers to the technology behind the addressing of pixels. AMOLED technology continues to make progress towards low-power and low-cost large size (e.g. 40-inch) for applications such as TV. Eg.Nexus One Android phone from Google.

Advantages: AMOLED displays fabricated on flexible plastic substrates have the following advantages:
  • Very thin and lightweight
  • Greatly minimized propensity for breakage
  • Lower-power, highly rugged with superior image quality, and low cost compared to the current LCD's
  • Due to their inherent ruggedness, allow a unique form factor of conformability and rollability during use, transportation and storage.

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