Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3D movies and 3D accessories soon possible for your new home theatre

Just wondered when can I upgrade my home theatre to 3D effects as I was trying to book tickets for Avatar 3D.
And here is news already that it will be soon up for the grabs!

Avatar 3D created a wave and demand for modernising movie theatres and multiplex screens to 3D and succeeded by mesmerising people to come to theatres. Now, Samsung Electronics has announced a partnership to use RealD's 3D display technology in its TVs, a move that could help to extend RealD's business from cinemas to the home.

"Together, we are committed to enhancing the TV-viewing experience with the best that 3D technology can offer including immersive, lifelike depth and a new realm of color clarity," Dongho Shin, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics's visual display division, said in a statement.

3D display technology today is generally limited to premium cinema screens, with RealD vying against Dolby 3D from Dolby Labs and XpanD.For more on this story, see "Samsung signs RealD in nascent 3D TV market" in CNET news. Home 3D theater is the next frontier. High-profile 3D movies, most notably James Cameron's Avatar, are nudging 3D technology toward the mainstream in both movie creation and display.

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