Friday, January 8, 2010

20 tips to keep your wife excited about you and to have a beautiful family life!

Are you just married, or 30+ or at your retiring age? Have a wife - always pestering, nagging and boring, doesn't appreciate your lifestyle interests, non romantic, non responsible, talkative, disciplinarian, what not?...Don a new role, be in control and keep your wife excited about you.
1. Kiss your wife everyday, when you or she:
  • comes home in the evening 
  • wakesup in the morning
  • leaves home in the morning

2. Keep your wife finding love, trust & comfort in you
Love her unconditionally and let her know that, come what may! Be genuinely careful in your words and actions towards this end.

3.Do you know what makes your wife happy?
Regularly, say every new year or your wedding anniversary, ask yourself and review the top 5 things which will make her happy. Ask her at appropriate times, if necessary.Having understood the key to her happiness, it will come handy to control and keep her excited.  Take resolutions which helps you achieve this - avoid drinking or smoking.

4.Make her feel important - the most important in your life, emotionally and genuinely.

5.Do remember and behave, as how you treated her in the first 1 month of marriage. 
This simple rule will reward you greatly.

6. Gift her pleasant surprises
Treat her out alone to a candle light dinner.
'Gold and Diamonds are forever great' in this segment, if you can afford.
Even small timely gifts, which she would appreciate matter a lot.

7.Charity begins at home - Never make your wife and family financially dependent on others.
Men usually love to have external contacts and social work.This is okay, provided you first invest quality time at home with family - wife and children.Find your needed duty and appreciation at home and not elsewhere.

Note: Heed to advice and needs from your wife and kids - this will be essential for your family life to succeed. Women have this natural talent of seeing her family first and many a family succeeded, simply because husbands listened and obliged to his wife and the mother of his children.Many have perished other way too.
Also, enable your wife and kids with the knowledge of your financial situation, insurances, investments and liabilities.

8.Give atleast a call in a day, wherever you are.
Check how is she doing? kids? her work? Do take her calls or return it, with priority too!

9.Spend quality time at home - with wife and kids.
Help her with household chores, at kitchen, teaching children and listen to her day's news when you reach home.This will go longway in making you indispensable. See also make-yourself-indispensable-at-home-at-work 

10.Know her tension and pressure points to support her. She will appreciate this.
Every housewife will have their sensitive and pressure points - be it culinary skills, adjusting with colleagues at work, in-laws at home, guilt feeling of not looking after children in the way she wants it to be, ageing, menopause, getting her children married etc. Even for some, keeping up lifestyle in line with her neighbours could also be among them! Being aware of this and acting accordingly will help you save some precious moments for you and your family! She should know you will handle it cooly and you are there for her.

11.Share responsibilities
Occasionally, plan and cook some of your special dishes for your family, close friends.This will lighten up the kitchen and home alike. It will be fun for you, kids and your wife!.

12. Keep her happy and make her loved! 

Make a point in your mind to keep the romance alive, every touch and look matters.
For women, emotional closeness is a major ingredient in sexual desire. Unresolved relationship issues, simmering arguments, poor communication, betrayal of trust, and other barriers to intimacy can steer your sex drive off the road.
Smalltalk, freshened up and being hygienic, smelling  good, being fit and healthy - all helps! You need to find out and evolve a caring which will work and satisfying  for both of you! There are umpteen ways out there to make her happy and feel loved! Spend quality time and Explore! It will surely payoff!

13. Go for vacation and different ambience and settings to rejuvenate your love life.
Insist on atleast 2 days in a year, with just you and your husband, away from home, work and worries.Trust me, this will work wonders in rejuvenating your love life and make it memorable!

14. Keep your house tidy and presentable - do your bit to help your wife.
She will appreciate this support.

15. Be the Public Relations Officer for your spouse 
Be the PRO for your wife in your own family and close circles - do this wisely -never over do it, though! Support her come what may! will surely benefit you and your children in the long run

16. Cleverly challenge, enable and support your wife to achieve her potential
 Get your wife involved in financials to know how the house is run,  and to achieve her potential

17.Give respect and take respect. Never wash your dirty linen in public
Never put your wife down in front of others. Also, treat your wife's family members as your own with love and respect.Small issues - Not even discuss with your close friends or family. It may comeback to haunt you.

18.Don't argue or fight, when both of you are tired from work or under pressure.
Remember your tone of words do matter and could hurt, if not cautious!

19.Never compare your other women to your wife - You are surely making a non recoverable itch!

20.Encourage to get what you want repeatedly!

Best Wishes.Do write in your experiences.

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