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20 tips to control your husband, by keeping him excited about you!

Newly married? you are 30+? Husband a Drunkard? Smoker? His role model is Tiger Woods? Not helping with your plans for the family? ... Read this, don a new role to empower yourself by keeping your husband excited about you .

1.Kiss your husband everyday,  when you or he: 
  • comes home in the evening
  • wakesup in the morning
  • leaves home in the morning 
If you are away from home, do this via phone every day.

2.Give atleast a call in a day check how is he doing? 
Do take or return his calls on your mobile, with priority! 

3.Do you know what makes your husband happy? 
Regularly, say every new year or on your wedding anniversary, ask yourself and review the top 5 things which makes your husband happy! Will help you act smart, if you know his key to happiness.

4.Be your husband's best 'friend' and 'partner'
Keep him finding love & comfort in you be careful in your words, actions! He will achieve great heights, with your loving support! 

5.Know his appetite, food he like, cooking style and presentation of food.
Best way to a mans heart is through his stomach! This is a key secret, beware and invest your time! Occasionally, plan and cook some of your special dishes for your family, close friends.This will make you and your husband proud. 
Note: If you need to get a training on cooking from experienced hands, go get it - it will be a worth investment for your family! Just keep your regular cooking healthy, while allowing special dishes as a treat!

6.Know the power of your bed time stories on your husband.
Don't nag, be it for drinking or smoking or whatever, as he will prefer to stay away from home.
Smart women do utilise the good mood and moments to control their family's destiny! Use this time effectively to brainwash your husband - it really works!

7.Keep him happy in bed and be thoughtful and genuine in doing this! 
No man will go out like Tiger woods then! -you dont need to have a size zero body for that!!!
Make a point in your mind to keep the romance alive, irrespective of age!
Insist on having atleast 2 days in a year, with just you and your husband, away from home, work and worries.Trust me, this will work wonders in rejuvenating your love life and make it memorable! 

8.A clever and smart modern wife can still take cues on how to excite and control your husband here. It was written at a time in India, when the main purpose of wife was to serve her husband, the duty or dharma of a wife was defined as: 
  • Karyeshu mantri (an advisor like a minister, in work)
  • Karaneshu dasi (a servant, in service)
  • Dharmeshu patni (a companion, in noble deeds)
  • Kshamaya dhaitri (compared to 'mother earth', in tolerance and forgiveness)
  • Bhojeshu mata (like a mother, when feeding food)
  • Shayaneshu veshya (like a prostitute, in bed)
  • Range sakhi (like a friend, in enjoyment)
Do remember and follow this, as he will always want you nearby!

9.Be the trusted Public Relations Officer(PRO) for your husband 
Be your husband's PRO in your own family and close circles.Never overdo this though! Support him, come what may! 

10.Keep your home and house, tidy and presentable 
Make your husband proud of coming home! Remember, if the house is unclean, invariably the houswife is blamed by visitors! Establish a practise and ensure your husband & family to follow! 

11.Love him unconditionally and let him know that, come what may! 
will surely benefit you and your children in the long run childrens personality will be affected, if their fathers image is tarnished in their eyes. Children will be the most affected incase of a divorce divorce is one of the worst traumatic experience you will ever through, if it happens! 

12.Cleverly challenge, enable, praise and support your husband to achieve his potential 
He will remember this you will benefit even if you could do things, delegate and get key things done through your husband and appreciate him for that! praise him and make him feel look forward to come home! Be there for each other, no matter what. 

13.Never wash your dirty linen in public 
For small issues - not even discuss with your close friends or family. It may comeback to haunt you.(Big issues - hmm, discuss if required only, with 1 or max 2, trusted, experienced and mature friend/family member, with an explicit confidentiality clause!) 

14.Dont be a disciplinarian with your husband 
Dont expect your husband to help with childrens schoolwork, if you always find faults and at the end insist it to get it exactly the way you expect! Be flexible with your husband's style of life and make changes patiently! 

15.Give respect and take respect 
Never put your husband down in front of your children and public! You might be making a unrecoverable itch! Always put your partner first - in front of your family, friends or co-workers. Show love and respect every day.

16.Don't argue or fight, when both of you are tired from work or under pressure.

17.Show respect and treat husband's family as your own.
Having a good and trustworthy relationship with your husbands family members, close circle will always stand you in good stead. 

18. Keep a good sense of humor and never go to bed with an open issue. 
Grow together. Don't get into bed with an argument unresolved - infuse humour into it and lighten the situation. Love needs to be nurtured, don't forget that!

19.Allow a personal space and time for each other
Be it a gymnasium visit or cycling trips or club visits - let him enjoy fully in that time to comeback and spend good and relaxed time with you!

20.Encourage good behaviour, to get what you want repeatedly!

Best Wishes!

Do write in your comments and share your experience.

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  1. Also, try giving him a shoulder massage when he comes home from work.


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