Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wayanad trip from Bangalore

Bangalore - Mysore - Nanjangund - Gundalupet - Muthanga - Sultan Bathery - Kalpetta -Calicut route:

Travel time and traffiic

Important thing to note is that forest checkpost in Karnataka after Gundalupet and before Kerala border, will be closed at 9.00p.m and opens at 6.00a.m for traffic. You need to safely plan some 1 hour buffer, considering long traffic blocks in muthanga checkpost in Kerala, wayanad hair pins, bangalore/mysore city traffic etc.

Plan 1 to 1.5 hours to cross Bangalore city in peak traffic times and during rains.You could save much of time if you travel early morning from Bangalore.When you return to Bangalore, again be prepared for slow moving traffic from Bidadi/Kengeri to MGRoad, incase you need to touch the city.

Road Condition and Safe Driving tips

Bangalore to Mysore road is beautifully done, but be warned of the sudden and umpteen 'bumps and illegal cross roads' made by local villagers, where you could see a bullock cart suddenly infront of your vehicle from nowhere! Also, with good roads when you take speed, almost be certain that there will be a bump waiting for you! So, this is one good road where ABS , DISC brakes etc comes to your rescue! In general. this is one road you could also achieve maximum mileage, if you travel in top gear less than 80kms.

Road from Mysore till Nanjangud is very crowded and mostly patched.Then there are some stretches through the forest and border, especially Muthanga checkpost where road is patchy.

                                           2007 May snap

Eateries and restaurants en route

  • KFC outlet in Gopalan mall , Rajarajeshwari nagar, around 20 kms from Bangalore

  • Mc Donald fast food joint and Kamat restuarant exactly 75 km from Bangalore, at BP gas station.

  • Kamat Upachar Restaurant on both sides

  • Cafe Coffee Day outlets (especially one in Gundalupet, is comfortably located)

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