Saturday, December 12, 2009

Need of the hour in Bangalore infrastructure and housing

Infrastructure in Bangalore is not a planned one, but gets executed many years behind the need and in a haphazard fashion without any coordination. Many or most of the envisaged or executed projects regularly adds to traffic and pollution woes and national wastage of fuel and easily make the lack of coordination obvious!

Few instances:

  • KRpuram hanging bridge and Old Madras Road overbridges by Railways and KRPuram flyover by BDA - totally uncoordinated planning and messy politics with delayed executions and traffic woes

  • Replanning of oneways and blocked portion of Richmond circle Double road flyover. Car navigation systems unless truly dynamic, cannot map 'one ways' in Bangalore!

  • Not planning cycle and pedestrian tracks even for new roads built in 2000 onwards atleast!!!

  • Political transfer of bureacrats across the state in a haphazard manner

  • Not upholding and punishing Lokayukta raided corrupt officials and politicians

  • Powerless role and short term for officials like Mayor and too many civic authorities

  • Bangalore Development Authority(BDA) not executing quality housing and flats in Bangalore (as in the case of Singapore) and leaving it to the hands of upstart realtors and encroachers who built and sold apartments even on drains and with full violation

Need of the hour:

  • a single empowered coordination committee and 5 year term for bureaucrats, without transfer.

  • make cycle tracks and pedestrian tracks mandatory and safe for ALL roads

  • ensure any public road works are undertaken only with early alternative route facilitation and coordinated approvals

  • BDA to take up quality flat construction and maintenance, instead of allowing private parties to loot commoners

  • ensure ambulance services reach hospitals inspite of huge traffic blocks

  • avoid and donot permit big rallies within the city

Bangalore's elected representatives and top bureaucrats keep travelling around the world - US, Europe, Singapore or Shanghai to study facilities. With the experience of travelling and living in different cities across the world, I am at a loss to understand why a ring road metro train is not envisaged(not asking budget allocation immediately) and facilitated even in the planning stages of new ring roads like Outer Ring Road or Peripheral Ring roads?! This would help acquire and provision needed infrastructure early and cheap.

Seems commonsense? Then, why it is not done or all the efforts are failed?

Do comment and let me know, if you have any insights on this mystery?

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