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Innovative film city bangalore - timings, must see items, review and tips

Innovative Film City Bidadi Bangalore (Disneyland kind of amusement park, but not so perfect mega constructions)

Verdict: Good to go with children for a day outing, as they will enjoy a lot.Also good enough of you have a family or team outing planned.

Note: They have a good reception desk so that you can manage an unplanned trip there. But you are recommended to book early and go there. Also, plan to be there early in the morning by 9.30 a.m. Take tickets and collect the Site Plan so that you could see the Must See Items early, before the crowd catches up! 

Must See  Items

  • 4-D cinema (had seen these earlier abroad in Disneyland etc)

  • Cartoon city Amusement rides(DoubleDecker, Rollercoaster(above 5 years),

  • Snowpark (to be opened)

  • Ripleys (especially onesided mirror :)

  •  DinoWorld (not so perfect, but children would enjoy it!)

Other Recommended Attractions

  • Mirrormaze (donot go with big groups like school children, as IFC staff will come and guide you out.It will spoil the fun!)

  • GoKarting (not so well maintained vehicles with seat belts etc, but you wil lenjoy if you can adjust! :)

  • AquaKingdom, would almost be very crowded.Go with all the swimming gear anyway.

  • HauntedMansion (not so scary, but fun to go and scary enough to go with children and family)

  • ShootOut (good fun for grownups)

  • Wax Museum(not so good quality as you would expect from Madam Tussauds)

There are also other Minature city and MiniGolf etc.Also, a McDonald.

Route map from Banglore to Innovative film City 

Also see the details here:IFC

Have a fun day outing from Bangalore!

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