Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Find Bangalore Traffic Information online and on mobile eg. traffic fines

How do you know whether you have any fines on your vehicle? Won't it be better to know and close fines earlier than getting to know as a surprise when you want to sell - and take a hit on resale value, last minute troubles and huge fines?

Consider this: You are travelling to work or to college and suppose if you get into an minor accident in Bangalore - be it with a bike, an auto or high end car.You caused them some harm and somehow tackled to drive away soon.Then, later wondering whether they have filed a case against you?  Or, you have just come out of a restauarant or multiplex  where you have parked on road and see a police sticker with fine.Due to time constraints you are not able to pay fine and ignore this? Or, you changed your address several times after purchase and so not receiving any fine notices from police?

Here is a solution to find out traffic information online, say how much fine you have on your vehicle in Bangalore - even from your mobile. Bangalore Traffic Information System (BTIS) has a website, which is an attempt to give useful info for travellers. Check the website below to see a plethora of options.http://www.btis.in/

Bangalore Traffic Information on your mobile

With a GPRS connection from any cellphone service provider, you can now get most of the features of BTIS at your fingertips, through a simple menu-based application. Find locations in the city, get directions, traffic status indicators and much more.http://www.btis.in/mobile_download

Find Traffic and parking fines for your vehicle license number.

Try this now, by giving your vehicle number. This service is also available on mobile.Send an sms to 52225 (Airtel subscribers) to query traffic fines. If not an airtel customer, then please use the number (+91) 96639 52225.

Send the SMS in the following format.


For example, to find out the status of traffic fines for the vehicle KA-02 EB-8171, the SMS to be sent is BTIS FINE KA02EB8171.

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There is certainly scope for big improvement in realtime data but if you give major points of commute, this site would be of help! Have a nice time on Bangalore roads!

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