Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bangalore Bus routes - BMTC bus passes, Google Transit and GPS tracking

Bangalore Volvo bus routes

Air-conditioned Volvo buses as a mode of public transport was introduced by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) as a first in the country, on 17th of January 2006.

Out of all the public transport options in Bangalore, it is strongly recommended to try this volvo service, to go to airport or to city centres, majestic, ourter ring roads etc as it is much easier and most importantly makes you relaxed in traffic and gives you a good view of bangalore! For your last mile connectivity, you have Autos, City taxis and BIG10/pushpak buses.BMTC Volvo Vajra Bus Routes

BMTC Bus passes

A single day pass for BMTC, including volvos cost around Rs.75.You can travel in any BMTC buses in Bangalore. For the regular commuter, there are attractive offers on monthly passes as well. Check out BMTC site for latest updates. Bus Passes

Like Volvos, Pushpaks and BIG10 are also recommended for executive travel options, with a very descent crowd as the charge is higher than normal blue BMTC buses.

See few good webpages on transfer options from Bangalore City to International Airport:

BMTC Info - A very comprehensive site for Bangalore bus routes

A very comprehensive and organised site on BMTC buses and routes.Viewing with maps may load slowly, but in general the best place to access latest information on bangalore bus routes and types. bmtcinfo

Caution: Normally the ride is quite comfortable in Volvo, pushpak etc. Otherwise, in crowded buses, beware of pick pockets.

BMTC Google Transit 

This webpage attempts to incorporate the GPS tracking and is still under construction.However, do check this live bus tracking via GPS below.

  • BMTC Bangalore Live Bus tracking via Global Positioning System(GPS)

BMTC Mapview GPS Tracking. This is available for use in mobile too.

Have a safe and comfortable journey!

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