Thursday, December 17, 2009

3d avatar of Movie theatres and multiplexes in Bangalore, India

Avatar from James Cameron kick starts a 3D revloution in Indian cinemas. Multiplexes and even single theatre owners are fast moving to cash in on Avatar and slated 3D releases in 2010.

Reports mention that its a costly affair for the theatre owners to the tune of 50 lakhs to 1 crore plus to get the necessary arrangements. Pricing strategies could be different in theatres for tickets as well as viewing goggles (mostly imported).The 3D cinema experience is expected to reduce piracy and help bring viewers to the theatre.

If you want to catch a 3D movie in a Bangalore theatre, say, Avatar, following are the options:

  • Urvashi Cinema, urvashicinema (Rs.150 Balcony ticket+Rs.100 mandatory for glass rental, cola and popcorn)

  • INOX, garuda mall inoxmovies (Rs.200/ refundable for goggles;Rs.250/ ticket)

  • PVR Cinemas, forum mall

  • Fame cinemas(Fame Shankarnag Chitramandir & Fame Lido) famecinemas

  • Mukunda theatre, Banasawadi (crowd/area not so upmarket)

  • Movie booking portals: bookmyshow

  • CALL for Movie Theatre in Bangalore: (080)33-555-555

Many movies are lined up for exhibition in theatres including `Christmas Carol', 'Ice Age 3', Avatar, Rajanikant's 'Sultan' etc. For instance, see the upcoming movie releases listed in Urvashi Cinema:

Happy Watching!

Trivia: Way back in the 1890s, when British film pioneer William Friese-Greene filed for a patent for a revolutionary 3D movie process. Back then, two images were shown side-by-side and a stereoscope was used to converge the two images for viewing. The first 3D feature film the world saw was Nat Deverich's five-reel melodrama Power of Love in 1922. For India, the first 3D movie experience came much later as 'My Dear Kutti Chathan',a malayalam movie in 1984.

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  1. i remember watching my dear kuttichathan years ago..went wowwww then.. really had the same feeling when watching avatar in imax3d .. a visual spectacle


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